Joseph Wagnon

Hello, my name’s Joseph Wagnon. However, my friends call me “Pepe.” If you ask me, just ask my mom. She gave that nickname to me when I was a baby. Anyhoo, I was born in Madrid, Spain, a lovely country. Then we all moved to the USA while I was a toddler.

During the years before heading off to college, boredom was the norm of my life, so, I doodle a lot. I read lots of comics, from Tintin to Wolverine. In college, I decided a career in Graphic Design which is fortunate for me because computers were taking a hold in the general market as well as the design world. Otherwise, I would have lots of bloody fingers cutting stuff using Xacto knives plus glue stains and all the old fashioned graphic designing headaches. Thanks, Steve Job, for making my life awesome and thanks to Adobe for those awesome graphic and web design apps. Oh, I studied Multi-Media and Web Design at a different college, a fun one, that is.

Over the years, I’ve freelanced and worked as a designer for various clients and companies. My skills are always growing. I continue to study new materials, be they Adobe design tricks or new programming languages like javascript and PHP. The newest thing I am delving into its mobile app user experience design. What’s next? OO wow, so many I can think of, my brain’s full.

On my off-the-clock times, you will find me bouldering hard problems at either a climbing gym or on a big rock in the middle of nowhere (Bishop, CA, I suppose). You might drop your jaw when you see a fast motorcycle passing you on switchback roads, that’s probably me. I do get my hands dirty while working on a classic bike. You could find me doodling something on my Moleskin book at my favorite coffee joint.


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